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May 2, 2017

Alpine Towing recognizes that each towing event in Colorado’s Front Range is different. Different challenges call for different types of equipment. Larger vehicles require heavy-duty tow trucks while off-road towing might require SnoCats or roll back tow trucks that are propelled on tracks. the 1 last update 2020/07/14

When a vehicle is disabled, yet the wheels rotate freely, a traditional tow truck with a hook may be sufficient for bringing the vehicle to safety. However, if wheel damage is severe or tires are flat, the vehicle must be physically lifted to be removed from the scene.
How is this done?
There are two other options for the towing vehicles: flatbed truck with a hoist or a rollback truck.

Flatbed Trucks

A flatbed is exactly what the name suggests. The bed of the truck is a level platform, great for hauling heavy objects and materials, even vehicles. For a vehicle to be mounted onto a flatbed truck, however, an external ramp or some hoisting device must be used to drag or lift the vehicle onto the bed of the truck. This is not practical for most emergency situations.
Flatbeds are often used to transport vehicles since this is a safe method that does not harm the vehicle in any way. Large construction equipment that are not street legal are often carried from location to location in this manner.

Rollback Tow Trucks

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Rollback tow trucks are also flatbeds in appearance, yet are fitted with a hydraulic system and winch that allows the bed to “roll back” and tilt at an angle to make it possible to drive or pull a vehicle onto the bed. This is especially useful for severely damaged vehicles when one or more of the wheels are not functioning.
In tight spaces, operators can vary the angle of the winch cable to pull the vehicle closer to the tilted bed before straightening it for loading. Typically, the end of the bed can be “flexed” to allow for greater clearance as the vehicle begins to scale the bed.

Alpine Towing Equipment

Alpine Towing provides 24/7 service from their Colorado Front Range locations in Buena Vista, Salina, and Woodland Park. Fully equipped for any emergency, the Alpine drivers are well trained and certified for any emergency. All Alpine Towing personnel are aware of the the potential dangers of driving in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and are skilled at maintaining your personal safety, securing the scene of an accident or breakdown, and ensuring your vehicle is protected from further damage as you return to safety.

Keep the Alpine Towing phone number the 1 last update 2020/07/14 close at hand in case of an emergency. Call 1.800.869.2869.Keep the Alpine Towing phone number close at hand in case of an emergency. Call 1.800.869.2869.

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