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I have 36" under deck boxes on my 60" CA 5500 that could easily be swapped out for side saddle fuel tanks. If you have the 80" CA model, you have even more room to work with than my setup.
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Build it! It was a fun project for me, I enjoyed it very much and ended up with a custom one of a kind. I wanted a wood deck (which is hard to find) and i did not want it as wide as typical dually ones as my C and C is narrower. Its got the perfect space for me and doesn''m not the best but I feel like I can weld pretty good, maybe better than some poor guy getting 12 bucks an hour to build one in a factory. I will never forget the day I hooked a guy for meth, he worked at an rv dealership and install/ welded custom hitches and did frame repair. The guy was yaked out of his mind and I hooked him multiple times for possession. He kept his job and I always think of that guy being trusted to work on people''#''california-like-button-wrapper''california-message-user-separator''#''california-like-button-wrapper''california-message-user-separator''#''california-like-button-wrapper''california-message-user-separator''s the maintenance on the wood? Have heard it can be a little tedious. Either way, that''#''california-like-button-wrapper''california-message-user-separator''#''california-like-button-wrapper''california-message-user-separator''#''california-like-button-wrapper''california-message-user-separator''#''california-like-button-wrapper''california-message-user-separator''#''california-like-button-wrapper''california-message-user-separator''#''california-like-button-wrapper''california-message-user-separator''#''california-like-button-wrapper''california-message-user-separator''m not sure you''#''california-like-button-wrapper''california-message-user-separator''ve bookmarked a couple flatbed builds/picture threads over the years, here''ve found:

Hope some of this helps
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