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Beginning Wood Carving Projects For High School
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Introduction: Simple Storage Box

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About: Couple of years ago I created my metal casting blog and over the years I uploaded many projects, my main goal is to increase the awareness of recycling, I use recycled scrap aluminum for all my projects and... More About NutandBolt »
I made this simple storage box for my baby''s an easy one day project and you can improve or add your own design to it.

Material you will need:
  • Your choice of wood.
  • Mitre saw, skill saw¬†or hand saw.
  • Jigsaw (use special blade for cutting angles)
  • Biscuit jointer and biscuits no10.
  • Hand sander. different grit levels.
  • Cordless drill ( for screws and pilot holes)
  • PVA Glue, glue roller,¬†tape, pencil, screws, pins, ¬†2 hinges, clamps, set square, ratchet straps or long clamps.

Safety : When using electric tools use ears and eye protection.
Keep body parts away from sharp blades. WORK SAFE!

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Step 1: Choose Box Material

You can make the box from a few cheap materials such as soft wood, plywood, mdf board and more. After deciding what material you are using think about the pratical size of the box and what will be its purpose. I made my box size Length=800mm x Width=380mm x Height=450 that is a good size for keeping all my baby toys tidy in one box. I chose to use soft wood 19mmx144mm.
  • Start¬† by cutting your length and width size using a¬†mitre saw or hand saw.
  • Don''t eat them!!! ) I used no 10. Set your jointer height so the blade will be in the center of the timber and set the depth of the blade to be in the center of¬† your¬†biscuit.
  • Most important: work on a¬†SUPER¬†FLAT surface or¬† your joints will not match. Hold the jointer using the red¬†guide line¬†against your pencil mark on the timber, turn jointer on and push it into the timber moving about 5mm left and right to create a wider joint in case you miss the mark.
  • After all joints are ready make a dry assembly to see if ¬†it all fits nicely together.
  • Use PVA wood glue, don''m showing you¬†how to use¬†a biscuit jointer:

Step 3: Cut Support Angles

Here I used 2*2 timber cut in the center with my mitre saw  to create the support angles for the inner box.

  • Screw 2 screws in an angle to support¬†the timber.¬†¬†keep the¬†screws¬†away¬†fromthe path of the blade.
  • The support ¬†timber is for your own safety, keep your¬†hands AWAY from¬†the¬†blade.
  • The corner of¬† the 2*2 should by aligned with saw blade.
  • When cutting make a few passes on the¬†¬†2*2 don''t forget to place¬†small¬†blocks under the ratchet metal part as they will mark the soft wood when pressed against it¬†.
  • Use your mitre saw and cut 20-30mm strips to support the base of the box.
  • Glue support strips, small pin-nails or screws are optional.
  • Glue box base.¬†I made the base of the box from left overs of my wooden floor.
  • After¬†the glue is dry use a small sander and sand all box parts starting from low grit to high grit (fine) .

Step 6: Enjoy Your Storage Box

  • Glue the support corners in.
  • Attach small hinges.
  • Round lid corners with jigsaw.
  • Make 2 segments / arcs on the sides of the box for lifting. when using the jigsaw use special blade for cutting angles.
  • Attach¬†2 straps to the inner box lid as¬†support, glue, screw and close with hard wood plugs. You can paint this simple box, add¬†mouldings or¬†use electric router to create a few shapes or writings on the box.
  • Be creative my baby sure¬†is.

Step 7: Lid Stay.

I add this step after comments regarding lid stay for child safety.
I am not going to promote products and  brand names any one can Google "" will find many different  lid stay devices all over the net.
I attached a few images for safety devices and where to attach it on the box.
Regarding the danger of suffocation it will not happen if you cut vent holes (like the arc for handles on the sides of the box).

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6 months ago on Step 7

when I click download, it just wants me to verify my email over and over again! are your plans really not free to download?


1 year ago

I used an MDF base, with a few perforated hardboard sheets joined together (to create thickness) for the sides, and had a stained oak ply for the lid. I put a latch on the front so it could be locked, and added a garage door handle to the lid


Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for the 1 last update 2020/07/02 QuestionQuestion 1 year ago

what sort of timber would others recomend for something like this ?


Answer 1 year ago

When i made this i used an mdf base, with a few layers of perforated hardboard on the sides and stained oak ply for the lid to give a bit of decoration, however as mentioned above, pretty much any soft wood will work, depending on its intended perpous.


Question 2 years ago

How can I get plans for the above project or any other project that Instructables posts online?


Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for 3 years ago

I made a toy box like this, but rather than buy the joiner, I just bought T&G flooring that''t built this yet but it's what I was looking for-for my two sons. thank you for sharing


5 years ago on Introduction 5 years ago on Introduction

This storage box looks simply stunning! I love things that are customizable so I can add a coat of my favourite colour that would match my other furnishings around the house. I think this would definitely be perfect for anywhere, be it the living room, bedrooms or even the bathrooms for towels and other accessories. However, having seen your adorable child in it, I think this best suit the children’s room which is inevitably messy with countless toys and knick knacks.


5 the 1 last update 2020/07/02 years ago on Introduction 5 years ago on Introduction

I am going to make this! However, with a few modifications... I want to be able to have a lift out tray to store items I use on a daily basis and I would add wheels to the bottom in order to move it around easily. Also, I could also see using this to hold my notebook PC just by turning it backwards so the lip on the bak would prevent the laptop from sliding off...

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for We have a similar storage box for toys and knick knacks but we did not DIY it. We just bought it off a furniture store and it was made of plastic. We need more of such storage boxes but it was quite pricey when we bought it. I think it is a great idea to start DIY-ing our storage boxes which is more cost effective and they are customizable too.


7 years ago on Step 2

Kreg Pocket Jig is one method (one I actually love as I own one).

Making a 15degree hand router slide block is another way to make a pocket bore slot. Both methods are great for flat jointing panels.

Another method if you have a table saw is tongue and groove. A router is beter suited for this if you have a table mounted router. Both allow you to set your cuts to have a flush surface.

Another method uses a Hand router and a jig that creates a slot in both boards and placing a piece of wood like a biscuit but uses a home made jig that clamps to the boards using the router to create the biscuit slot.

Another method if you have a table saw is using a 4""js-edit-container""post js-comment""CWP7FFPH9G17ADG""SYWY2P8G962K9IJ""MNHRT8EGN4CZ303""post-header""meta""votes js-vote-count hide""avatar""/member/skirmishmonkey/""lazyload""/assets/img/default/user.TINY.png""/assets/img/pixel.png""skirmishmonkey""/assets/img/default/user.TINY.png""skirmishmonkey""posted-by""author""/member/skirmishmonkey/""posted-date""step-link""#intro""toolbar js-toolbar""btn reply-btn js-reply""btn btn-default vote-btn js-vote-btn""text js-text""js-edit-container""post js-comment""CQHLZKIGXBNANFJ""SYWY2P8G962K9IJ""MU04RNKGW88OYFL""post-header""meta""votes js-vote-count hide""avatar""/member/olemax01/""lazyload""/assets/img/default/user.TINY.png""/assets/img/pixel.png""olemax01""/assets/img/default/user.TINY.png""olemax01""posted-by""author""/member/olemax01/""posted-date""step-link""#intro""toolbar js-toolbar""btn reply-btn js-reply""btn btn-default vote-btn js-vote-btn""text js-text""js-edit-container""post js-comment""CCHLJSMG9HKE5ZP""S6FP1P5G9627UUY""MA9EF5IFL63DLHI""post-header""meta""votes js-vote-count hide""avatar""/member/jakethink/""lazyload""https://cdn.instructables.com/ORIG/FK6/U9W4/G5FRAT5L/FK6U9W4G5FRAT5L.jpg?auto=webp&frame=1&crop=1:1&width=48""/assets/img/pixel.png""jakethink""https://cdn.instructables.com/ORIG/FK6/U9W4/G5FRAT5L/FK6U9W4G5FRAT5L.jpg?auto=webp&frame=1&crop=1:1&width=48""jakethink""posted-by""author""/member/jakethink/""posted-date""step-link""#step2""toolbar js-toolbar""btn reply-btn js-reply""btn btn-default vote-btn js-vote-btn""text js-text""js-edit-container""btn js-more-comments""btn btn-yellow comment-btn js-show-poster""sidebar""ad-block-wrapper""ad-block""gpt-ad-med-rectangle""gpt-ad""ible-stickyad-wrapper""ad-block-wrapper""ible-stickyad""gpt-ad-sidebar-brand""gpt-ad""admin-container""footer""footer footer-desktop footer-workshop""footer-row footer-row-top""footer-robot robot-icon robot-icon-workshop""footer-categories""title""footer-categories-links""circuits""/circuits/""category-icon icon-category-circuits""workshop active""/workshop/""category-icon icon-category-workshop""craft""/craft/""category-icon icon-category-craft""cooking""/cooking/""category-icon icon-category-cooking""living""/living/""category-icon icon-category-living""outside""/outside/""category-icon icon-category-outside""teachers""/teachers/""category-icon icon-category-teachers""footer-about-us""title""/about/""/create/""/jobs/""footer-resources""title""/sitemap/""/id/how-to-write-a-great-instructable/""/contact/""footer-find-us""title""instagram""https://www.instagram.com/instructables/""Instagram""svg-icon svg-share-instagram""pinterest""https://www.pinterest.com/instructables""Pinterest""svg-icon svg-share-pinterest""facebook""https://www.facebook.com/instructables""Facebook""svg-icon svg-share-facebook""twitter""https://www.twitter.com/instructables""Twitter""svg-icon svg-share-twitter""footer-rule""footer-row footer-row-bottom""footer-links""footer-links-list""http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/item?siteID=123112&id=21959721""_blank""divider""http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/item?siteID=123112&id=21292079""_blank""divider""""divider""http://usa.autodesk.com/legal-notices-trademarks/""_blank""http://www.autodesk.com""adsk-logo""blank""Autodesk""/assets/img/footer/autodesk-logo-make-anything.png"/>