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Making a pinecone fire starter is a fun and easy project that anyone can do. In fact, if you were a girl scout, boy scout or went to summer camp you probably made a few over a campfire.

Why are they so popular?  

They''ll need a way to melt the wax.  A double boiler works great, but you can also use a sauce pan to slowly melt the wax using your stove......and of corse pinecones!

We used an old candle we had laying around for the wax.  If you don''s Get Started - Pinecone Fire Starter

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for If you don''re done you can just reuse the pan for future projects.

You can use any type of pinecone but pinecones from a white pine don''re elongated and don''s relatively round because those look the best and they''s closed up without the open ridges, just bring it inside and let it dry out for a couple of days.  Once dry it will open up making it the perfect pinecone for this project.

Start by taking string and wrap the pinecone from the bottom up.  Make 3-4 wraps around the pinecone and leave about 6-8 inches of string at the top to hold onto when dipping it in the wax.

The string serves as a homemade wick and you can light the pinecone just like a candle when you''s difficult to build up a nice layer of wax on the pinecone because it will just drip off.

A somewhat cooler wax will stick to the pinecone better.  However, don''ve found that a wax temperature between 145-170 degrees works the best.

Once the wax is melted you''s best to use tongs to hold onto the string when dipping the pinecone into the wax but if you''s it....you''t mix in.  

Wax dye works better than crayons because it takes a lot of crayons to change the color of the wax, but if you have a bunch of old crayons laying around they will work just fine.

To make the pinecones even more decorative, take some Jute string and some construction paper and make a tag using a stamp.  You can also add liquid scent to the wax for a scented fire starter. It works great and your finished project will smell amazing!  

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Remember, hot wax is extremely dangerous.  Use caution and protective equipment when you're doing this project.  

Also, make sure you turn off your stovetop before dipping the pinecones into the hot wax.  This will reduce the possibility of the dripping wax coming into contact with an open flame.

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