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Introduction: Basic Wood Inlay

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Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Also when I cut this pattern I make several very light cuts slicing the full length of my line each time, well keeping the blade of my knife vertical. I will repeat this until I reach the depth I desire.

Step 5:

Once I have established my knife line, I can then remove the waste material to the inside of my lines.

Using my chisel I will gently pair into the waste material towards my cut line carefully removing just a small amount of material around the entire inside parameter until I have creating what is essentially a small trench.

Step 6:

At this point I can now remove the remaining waste material. Taking my time pairing out just a small amount at a time, until I have achieved a smooth level base. In depth this should allow for the insert piece to sit just proud of the surface when installed.

Step 7:

When checking the fit of the insert material do not push this material into the recess, you may not be able to get it back out.

Once I verify a good snug fit I can then glue the insert material in, then apply clamping pressure until the glue is dry.

Step 8:

After the glue has dried I use my card scrapper and level the insert material to the surface, then a quick pass with a smoothing plane and apply some finish.

This is a really easy way to add great inlay accents to whatever project you are working on. The biggest thing to remember when doing inlay is patience, the more time you put into work like this the more it shows in the finished results.

Step 9:

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    Kink Jarfold

    1 year ago on Step 9

    I''t wait to try it! It really doesn''m new to woodworking and I''ve made my loft bed and a corner media cabinet. Well, they are quite done yet, I''m also want to continue the cabinet across the two walls so I can put my books, video games and the other usual stuff people put on their media cabinets. Well thank you again for a great instructable. Here is the cabinet I''s Big Adventure so my guard rail for the loft bed will say Buxton. Now that you showed me how to do inlays, I may put a couple on the side of the bed. I''m only putting doors on the bottom, the part with the 3 cubbies will stay open or I may just make little door frames with speaker cloth in the middle so my Dish box, Apple TV, etc...won''s width that can make the finished cutout effort too large. But you did a great job.


    3 years ago

    Cool! Here''re done. Much more accurate pocket for your inlay. ;)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Won''s why I said a tiny dab. Just enough to secure it while you score around the part.
    It's also helpful to mark the part and pocket so you know which way it goes in.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Nice trick jzweygardt1


    3 years for 1 last update 2020/06/04 ago 3 years ago

    I would love to make my own Greek backgammon set with in lays!


    Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Reply 3 years ago

    That sound cool, but now I have to research Greek Backgammon. Sounds interesting.


    3 years ago

    Thanks Tommy. I already the 1 last update 2020/06/04 have subscribed to your youtube channel, many months ago. Jonesy at Facebook.com/jonesyfamilystoreThanks Tommy. I already have subscribed to your youtube channel, many months ago. Jonesy at Facebook.com/jonesyfamilystore


    3 years ago

    -Belo trabalho. Seus móveis tem estilo!

    Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Abraço.


    3 years ago

    This is really cool. I will certainly try this. Thank you!


    3 years ago

    Nice, clear instructions. Thanks.