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Brick Oven Stove
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    • Mar 2003
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    Yeah... a... [shifty eyes] [air quotes] ... friend. [/air quotes]

    No, really. The guy''s retired. He''d gotten a subscription to HSM and saw the gatling plans, and wanted my opinion. My '' was that I''d never done one, seen a functional one in person, nor knew the difference between the various plans that were available.

    It would be fun to make one that shoots paint balls. I suspect it''t just a regular paintball gun with a dummy "shroud" of nonfunctional barrels) is really just eight inexpensive electric markers arranged on a rotating frame.

    I have a good friend here in Austin who''t do than by the ones you did."


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      • Apr 2011
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      I want a full size 45/70 which you can buy a 4 barrel econ model ready to shoot for only $50K. My thinkubf besides ammo & steel it''t scale well? I''t bad. I would love to fire that thing.
      Paul A.
      SE Texas

      Make it fit.
      You can''d say. Any questions anyone has ,maybe I could share my insight.
      Just to answer a few so far...

      The bolt carrier is machined from a 3 inch brass round with quite a bit of nervous novice machining. But I DID pull it off.

      The barrels are made from 1/2 inch DOM tubing with off the shelf barrel re-liners. A 30 dollar liner yeilds material for two barrels.

      The bolt require quite a bit of labor, but you CNC lathe guys could kill '' axis.

      By the way, I am building two guns, One that will work, and one that "could work"; it will be made from the parts with minimal mistakes for display purposes. If all goes well, I hope it can at least be hand cranked, so one can see the action of it working.

      I haven''d call an "ADVANCED NOVICE" is capable of this project. My scrap pile of mistakes is very small.
      Bricolage anyone?....one of lifes fun games.


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        • Oct 2002
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        I bought the RG plans, based on 1. youtube videos of both guns (not one of them shows the D & E successfully firing a full magazine) and 2. the RG is designed for .22 Long Rifle, the D & E for .22 shorts. Shorts are spendy. The D & E looks great and looks to be a more accurate reproduction of the original design.
        I'm here hoping to advancify my smartitude.


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