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Free Gatling Gun Blueprints


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I''ve been building a 1/3 scale 1874 gatling gun in.22LR which is based on plans by D&E model drawings and thought I''ve now got a bit of a workshop set up in my garage so will endeavour to get further on with the build.
  1. Gatling Gun Blueprint
I''m gradually going to start being able to assemble some of my parts together.
I''t recall how it was fitted and I''/uploads/1/2/3/7/123729404/970221759.jpg''Free 22 gatling gun plans''Free 22 gatling gun plans'' dia. Liners in any kind of 22 RF barrel.
I have done about 15 barrels in several different guns. I use a piloted 8mm drill to open up the bores and then push in the liner vertically while keeping a puddle of 609 at the entry point. It has a low viscosity and capillary action will insure the available space will be filled with liquid. A few hours of cure time and you are ready to finish the machining. Much easier than soldering or epoxy and clean up is a snap. Actually, almost any grade of anaerobic thread locker will work in this application because of the large surface area. However, Loctite 609 is specifically formulated for bonding cylindrical parts.
Just be sure the bores and liners are clean before starting. For the RGG Gatling gun, I used 1/2'' wall DOM steel tubing for the barrels with Brownells''02 and still have not started my Gatling gun.
I am going to order the D&E plans and look at them side by side and then figure out which way I want to go. On the caliber issue, the guy who made the D&E model said that it was easy to make them a.22LR and folks have done that with his plans. I have the RGG plans and a pile of materials waiting for the time when I can get out into the garage without freezing my butt off. Soldering in a liner is not that hard. Having an extra set of hands is nice though.
Uncle played a torch on the barrel and I did the same on the liner. Brownells has a pdf on how to do it. The first try at relining a Visible Loader was a success for me. Solder is removable too. BTW, loctite is pretty impressive, I don''s Black Max is an incredible substance!!! It does not come close to replacing my beloved solder in every application, but when used appropriately that stuff is the bomb! If you have not tried Black Max yet, I can heartily reccomend it. BTW-if it is not too personal of a question, about how much is the material for the gun?
With the current metal prices, i am afraid to hear it. Also, is there a material take off list for the RGG plans where all required materials and quanitites are listed on one page?
I have been looking through my plans this week and did not see an MTO. BTW-if it is not too personal of a question, about how much is the material for the gun? With the current metal prices, i am afraid to hear it.Well, so far I have spent 400 bucks with and have just about all the metal except for the carriage.
If you use an online supplier, play with the lengths. They embed the cut charge into the prices of materials and often a few feet of something is near the same price as the exact length you need. All bets off on brass When I get to the carriage, I''m pretty good at reading prints but having views of the details is very helpful. Dogon1013 - Those 3D models look great. I wish that RGG would offer 3D model files to purchase on top of the plans. I bought the CD with 3D images that they offer but it would be nice to be able to rotate, pan, zoom and turn layers on and off myself to get specific views of the gun as I may need. I just received my set of RGG plans a few weeks ago and have started to assemble materials and order various hardware along with cutters for the build. Will be a nice project for next winter.
The brass needed will be the hardest on the wallet. Been also going over the drawings and figuring out machining proceedures for some of the parts. I am making a simple jig to hold the bolt for the machining of the extractor slot. Since there are 10 bolts to make, a jig seemed to be an obvious solution. I have been thinking of getting the slot in the cam-box cut by CNC but need to create a 3D model of the cam-box first. Has anyone got a 3D model of the cam-box that they care to share? Hi guys, always wanted one of these, don'' long. They are a completely separate case for the ATF, neither pistol or rifle. DennisThis is good to hear with regard to barrel length. I was actually given a set of R&G prints, with quite a bit of brass stock and about 50% of the parts already machined. The only thing stopping me from starting the project was my uncertainty with how they could use under 16''/uploads/1/2/3/7/123729404/971053971.jpg''Free Gatling Gun Blueprints''Free Gatling Gun Blueprints''t know where I could find this provision for gattling guns on atf''https://entrancementvictory.weebly.com/blog/office-2010-iso-torrent-ita''s New: Opening Microsoft Office, you immediately notice the new.
You wont know on that one untill you try it. Another consideration is that you are increasing the pressure of the cartrage and the chamber diameter. The gatlin plans you have reverenced are for 22 short or long rifle, and the barrels are fairly small in diameter. You will need to check the stresses in the barrel and all locking components before undertaking this kind of change. The 22 mag is a longer cartrage, so it will have more of a tendency to lean forward and bind.
Feeding may be an issue for some magizine designs. Another consideration with a gatlin is that you have to feed it, or its not much fun.
None of the rounds you sugested are reloadable, and both are expensive compared to 22RF. Its hard to beat the price of 22RF if you just want to have fun. You will get a lot more bangs for you buck and the RG&G plans are proven out in that size. The D&G plans are also nice, and can be modified to take 22RF with a little work. Years ago I modeled the D&G plans in solid edge and drew up the modifications to go to 22 RF.
Never did the calcualtions for pressure differences thought. Never built it either. Dan R Regarding barrel length, simply write to the BATFE main office. They will send you a written response to any question you ask. Years ago I wrote them on barrel length question and got back a very nice letter explaining there position that gatlins were neither rifles or pistols and the length restrictions did not apply.
I asked about the legality of gatlins (any other weapon, automatic, etc.) just so I had a letter to show bubba with a badge should the need arise. I also asked about magizine options because the assalt weapon magazine restrictions were in effect. They said there was nothing that could be done to get around the '' clause, but the law said nothing about hoppers and a Bruce feed was considered a hopper.
I think they even gave me the patent number to look. In any case I got three letters sent to me from the BATFE that answerd my legal questions, and it cost me a stamp. My experiance is that they are not the jack booted thugs many folks make them out to be. The website will give you the address. It did take about three months to get the letters.
The RG&G is easily modified to use 16'' tall x 24''Gatling Gun Calibre.30'' This document measures 17'' wide and is marked ''s Armory. This document measures 17 5/8'' wide and is marked ''s Armory. There are many other written technical details along with hand-written penciled notes. This document measures 22.5'' wide and is marked ''.
I also have a 20'', pencil drawn schematic of a ''s Armory, Nov. I have not photographed this document yet. I also have some Port of Philadelphia watch logs from Feb. In addition, there is a piece of '' stock from 1889.
This document appears to have William Rockefeller''m considering listing these items this week, but I want to be sure I have things set up properly. Oh, one last thing. What about these loan certificates from Philadelphia?

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Worth anything, other than conversation? Dates on the loans. 1800s or 1900s. The rail stock is for the MKT. '' or Missouri Kansas Texas railway.
This should be correctly listed as the Katy is specifically sought after railroad. Check the signature against other known Rockefeller signatures. There has been more than one William R. I believe the Gat blue print will be of interest to some.
The Port Watch sheets, being from the Civil War, would have some interest as well. Note the names of any ships and Military officers listed. Thank you for the information.
It is quite helpful. I''ve found on the net. They do look very similar. I''ve seen for other, similar signatures, I think it might be worth the cost of authentication. I''m certainly no expert either, but upon actual inspection, everything about these documents points to originality. The type of paper used, the general wear & tear, the pencilled writing, etc., etc. If they''ve yet to photograph that one, but the document is incredibly detailed and, without question, quite old.
I''t think I can afford to have all of them authenticated, but I will certainly offer a full, money-back guarantee to anyone who purchases them. I don''t listed on the auction bill. They were sold along with a lot of other items & it appears as though no-one had opened the boxes in which they were contained for years, if not decades.
I also have an inspection report from the Vermont Volunteer Infantry, dated March 24, 1865. Gotta say, it is always exciting to find things like this. The thrill of saving a historical item from the scrap heap is worth more than the item''ve just resurrected a bit of history.

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