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Where The Will Prevails And Sheetmetal Fails

Jul. 01, 2004 Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for By Shane Wager
In Which I Am Sold On An Idea (By Myself)

Where to begin....

Well I can''t completely fallen into the off road mindset, I had more or less a generally aesthetic mindset towards modifications. Believe it or not, one day while burning out my head in front of the computer monitor I happened across some picture of some random truck (a Toyota I imagine) that had a flatbed, and I thought this was the greatest looking thing since.... I don''s good but it''m so clever...)

I put a surprisingly small amount of thought into how to get a three hundred plus pound bed off of my truck by myself with the added fact the bed was ten inches higher than it was stock. As I will tell, it wasn''t recall much of this except that I was surprised to learn that body lift blocks are hollow. Everything went well as far as unbolting went, I took all four of the barely there bolts out and threw them in my amazing scrap pile of doom.

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for I did actually remember that the gas tank filler hoses and axle vent tube needed to be disconnected, and did disconnect both. I would have disconnected the tail light wire, but I had recently realized that I had cut that wire long ago when building a new rear bumper. I will now sincerely apologize to everyone I passed on the interstate coming home from vacation that summer. I was wondering why people were making rude gestures at me.....

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Anyway, everything was free and clear and it was time to lift the bed onto my pitiful support structure. In continuance of my amazing safety oriented plan (sarcasm), I brought out a bottle jack, with a range of lift of about, oh, five inches. This was going to be fun.

I am suddenly reminded to warn the 1 last update 2020/06/07 you not to repeat any of the amazingly idiot things described in this article. Feel free to repeat the intelligent things, few though they may be. I am suddenly reminded to warn you not to repeat any of the amazingly idiot things described in this article. Feel free to repeat the intelligent things, few though they may be.

I placed the bottle jack between the frame and the bottom of the bed and went at it. After a few inches of rise, the body lift blocks fell out, and being rather scared I ran down the driveway like little sissy. After regaining my calm, I went back to lifting the bed, and soon reached the lifting limits of my bottle jack. I believe I poked about a pile of scrap wood until I found some chunks of fence post to hold the bed up so I could lift the other side. Like I said, not the smartest setup in the world. 

This went on for two or three rounds, and at the conclusion, I had the bed about a foot off of the frame and nowhere near high enough to drive out from under it. Stalwart, I went to a side of the bed and started to lift it again when the whole bed lurched sideways, luckily to the side I was NOT on. In the process it dented the cab, but all in all I was happy to get the bed off. I dumped it over and drove into the shop to finish up a few things and get it legal to drive on the street.

On a side note, about a year late, someone came to buy the bed I had removed. I won''t really have a solid plan yet, I had a lot of drawings, but no real plan. Regardless of what I was the 1 last update 2020/06/07 going to do though, I knew I wanted to bob the frame down to the spring hangers. On a side note, about a year late, someone came to buy the bed I had removed. I won''t really have a solid plan yet, I had a lot of drawings, but no real plan. Regardless of what I was going to do though, I knew I wanted to bob the frame down to the spring hangers.

Let me begin by telling you that doing major frame cutting with a reciproca5ing saw is not fun, and will probably detach your retinas if you do it for too long. It took a LOT of sawing to get the rear frame ends off. In all I cut off a foot of each frame rail, including the junk that was attached to each, a foot off of each exhaust pipe, a random support brace thing, and the back half of the aforementioned goofy hitch. I didn''s for later tales.

The bumper already had holes for license plates, so naturally, I electrical taped the plate to the bumper, and that was that for the rear support.

This was the original plan... ...but the original plan sadly died in my hands...
Ooh man, I used to be bad at welding... ...really bad...
Extremely lame and weak bracket version one! That piece of angle is actually a piece of square tube cut the 1 last update 2020/06/07 off the junked hitch and cut diagonally. I am resourceful, no? That piece of angle is actually a piece of square tube cut off the junked hitch and cut diagonally. I am resourceful, no?
I got better! Kind of...
And there we the 1 last update 2020/06/07 go! And there we go!


It Just Keeps Getting Worse

I believe at this time in the flatbed project I went on vacation a state over. When I was there the bright idea of replacing the horrible saddle tanks occurred to me. The stock tanks hang down right at the end of the rocker, and from what I have seen of some people''t find one, no junkyard had any solid axle GM truck with any parts left. Finally, the day before I was going home, I grabbed the tank out of a older fuel injected GM conversion van. It turns out that it is basically the same exact dimension as a K5 tank, but the lip around it is lower and the filler neck is shorter and of the side. Hooray for me!

Now the obvious problem of where to put the tank came up. I was defiantly going to put it above the frame, but where? Over the axle may have worked, but I was afraid during compression the differential may smack the tank around. In addition the space between the frame rails was narrower in the rear. The only place left was right behind the cab, but a crossmember was in the way. Uh oh!

Yes I hacked the crossmember right out of there. Now for those of you who know their stuff and have been keeping track, I have ZERO stock crossmembers left. In retrospect this was a bit shortsighted, but hey, like I said, I was learning, and learning involves screw ups. The tank dropped in fine, and I had made two pathetic supports to hold it up that seemed to work, so I went with it. I used a ratchet strap for each of the stock metal straps and that also seemed to work. They only had to keep the tank from traveling upward.... and probably would have let the damn thing fly out of the truck anyway. I have since replaced them with metal tube and wing nuts. Hmmm wing nuts.... 

On a side note, you could conceivably run the tank I run in addition to two stock saddle tanks with a bit of work. It works out to about 70 gallons total.

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for I the 1 last update 2020/06/07 didn''s time for some front supports. I didn''s time for some front supports.

Oh wait, I have a funny story. I was doing something or the other and got frustrated. In this frustration I grabbed a steel fence post and swung it at a telephone pole outside my shop. It bounced back and smacked me behind the ear. It rather hurt. Lesson learned: Don''s and open hole, fill it, that''s what it looks like with no saddle tank... Gasoline eats through for 1 last update 2020/06/07 water coolers... Gasoline eats through water coolers... Front supports and those pathetic gas tank support rods BTW - It is much easier painting things before they are bolted to the truck, keep that in mind. I recently had to take these off and wire brush and repaint them. The whole bed is going to need it in the end. Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Fits nicely doesn''t much to look at, really. I had high hopes of something complicated and technical, but it ended up being a big flat.... bed.

It''ll let the pictures and their captions do the talking.

Ratchet strap are handy for holding big things together when welding. Remember, measure a square both ways diagonally, when the measurements match, it''s impervious to rocks and other obstacles. Tire clearance is never a worry. It also acts like a giant three dimensional frame stiffener.

There are bad aspects, but only because I built them in. The bed really wasn''t replaced the crossmembers. 

Oh well, it was good enough for the first version.

I think it looks pretty good That toolbox cost me more to paint than to buy, gwahahahah!
This is one of the two supports I had to build to level out the bed. I really like flat black
This is the best picture I have ever taken of the truck 38""50%""/aimages/articlestandard/chevy/532005/275123/first3.jpg""_blank""/aimages/articlestandard/chevy/532005/275123/first3_small.jpg""first3.jpg (431022 bytes)""240""180""50%""center""50%""/aimages/articlestandard/chevy/532005/275123/first4.jpg""_blank""/aimages/articlestandard/chevy/532005/275123/first4_small.jpg""first4.jpg (313068 bytes)""240""180""to 48"" wide plywood or metal will plop on nicely too. The bed will remain 84"" legs that are as long as the flatbed and attach like a receiver hitch. That''s not I had to weld onto a piece I couldn''Enter Your Email Address''''Search Off-Road.com''''Enter Your Email''''emailSignup');""categories links""http://forums.off-road.com/""all""Off-Road_com_160x600_Right3_PS""ad nolinks categories ad_skyscrapper""vs-bottomMobileAd""Off-Road_com_300x250_Bottom_AUTO_Mobile""footer""wrapper""text_wrapper ads_wrapper""Off-Road_com_728x90_Bottom_PS""ad nolinks text ad_large""Off-Road_com_Bottom2_PS""ad nolinks text ad_small""text_wrapper navigation""copyright""http://www.verticalscope.com/copyright.html?site=off-road.com""bottom_link""_new""logo""/""/images/logo-sm.gif""Off-Road.com""0""about_us""/about-us.html""https://www.verticalscope.com/site-privacy-policy/index.php?site=off-road.com""https://www.verticalscope.com/aboutus/tos.php?site=off-road.com""/advertising-info.html""http://forums.off-road.com/sendmessage.php""vs-bottomFixedMobileAd""Off-Road_com_320x50_Bottom_AUTO_Mobile""fb-root""tfoot tos_dmca_policy""3""0""0""page""center""100%""tfoot""center""100%""smallfont""nofollow""http://www.verticalscope.com/aboutus/tos.php?site=off-road.com""3""0""0""page""center""100%""tfoot""center""100%""smallfont""nofollow""http://www.verticalscope.com/copyright.html?site=off-road.com""3""0""0""page""center""100%""tfoot""center""100%""smallfont""nofollow""https://www.verticalscope.com/site-privacy-policy/index.php?site=off-road.com""googlefcPresent""display: none; width: 0px; height: 0px; border: none; z-index: -1000; left: -1000px; top: -1000px;""taboola-below-article-thumbnails-white">