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Making an infinity mirror clock is a very fun process. Anybody can do it and once you finish it you will be amazed!
So lets get started!
Disassemble Old Clock
Disassemble the old clock, take the rim and drill an 8mm hole 1,5cm from its edge. We will need that hole to feed the wires from the led strip to the adapter through it.
Wood spacers
Place the one way mirror inside the rim, with the mirror facing in and then take your strips of wood and place them as shown in the picture, they act as spacers between the two mirrors. If you use wood place it in some water first for 10 minutes. This way it wont break as you bend it.
They must be a few mm wider than the led strip. At this point you will have to re drill the hole on the rim to penetrate the wood.
The LED Strip
Place the led strip inside the rim and connect the wires of the led strip to the power supply.
The Clock
Fit the clock mechanism on the second mirror (I bought a 5mm mirror and I had to glue the mechanism on it. If you buy a 3mm thick mirror you might be able to use its own nut!)
Place the clock hands on the mechanism, and place the mirror in the rim.
Use another wood strip to secure the whole structure.
Place the adapter behind the Clock and its all done!
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Suggested materials:

  • An old wall clock, the rim diameter of mine was 30cm
  • A round mirror with a 10mm hole right in the center, (The diameter here must be smaller than the rim
  • A round one way mirror the same diameter with the other mirror
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