Build A Table For A Drill Press

🔥+ Build A Table For A Drill Press 04 Aug 2020 Baby Jesus figurine and wooden crèche; Handpainted and exquisite in detail; Engraved wood designs; Keep Christ in Christmas. Celebrate the true meaning of ...

Build A Table For A Drill Press As part of the larger Arts and Crafts movement of the early 1900's, architects and designers sought to create simple but well-designed and constructed homes ...

Mini Fence For Dog

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Bed and Bath

Bedroom + Bathroom Ideas

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Build A Table For A Drill Presshow to Build A Table For A Drill Press for
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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 188 Projects

If you had—or wanted—a loft bed back in college or in your first apartment, then this is a project you’re going to like. But your kids will probably like it more because it’s cool, fun, and their friends probably won’t have one.

This loft bed is designed to open up floor space usually consumed by a bed. It also provides a location underneath it for a kid or kids to play, do activities or set up a desk. And, because it ties in with the wall, it can work for kids of all ages. Because you attach it to the wall, this loft bed probably has a little more oomph than the one you might have built with your old roommate. A built-in safety rail adds an extra layer of protection for younger kids. While you can make the bed to your own specifications following the techniques below, the bed design here is based on a twin-sized mattress, which is 39” × 75”.

The outside dimensions of the bed frame are 49½” × 81½”, which allows room up top for books, a drink, and a little extra room for the bedding to drape when the bed is made. Your little princess or prince will love climbing the ladder to get into bed.

for 1 last update 2020/08/04

Safety Note: Never attach hooks or handles to the loft bed and do not hang items from it, including rope and belts. Children can catch themselves on these items when playing or in the event that an accidental fall occurs.

How to Build a Loft Bed

  1. Once you’ve determined the height you want the mattress to be, strike a level line indicating the bottom of the mattress support box.

  2. Cut stock using a circular saw and straightedge guide, and stack it neatly. Label each piece (magic marker on blue painter’s tape works) to make identifying it later easier.

  3. Join the corners of the mattress box with glue and a few nails or with glue and clamps, and then reinforce each joint with three #8 × 2 1/2""title-trigger""project-steps__count""project-step-details""rtf""740""HI052302F""580""/~/media/blackanddecker/images/ideas-and-inspiration/projects/loft-bed/hi052302f.jpg?h=740&w=580""height: 740px; width: 580px;""title-trigger""project-steps__count""project-step-details""rtf""773""HI052302G""580""/~/media/blackanddecker/images/ideas-and-inspiration/projects/loft-bed/hi052302g.jpg?h=773&w=580""height: 773px; width: 580px;""title-trigger""project-steps__count""project-step-details""rtf""773""HI052302H""580""/~/media/blackanddecker/images/ideas-and-inspiration/projects/loft-bed/hi052302h.jpg""title-trigger""project-steps__count""project-step-details""rtf""773""HI052302I""580""/~/media/blackanddecker/images/ideas-and-inspiration/projects/loft-bed/hi052302i.jpg""title-trigger""project-steps__count""project-step-details""rtf""773""HI052302J""580""/~/media/blackanddecker/images/ideas-and-inspiration/projects/loft-bed/hi052302j.jpg?h=773&w=580""height: 773px; width: 580px;""title-trigger""project-steps__count""project-step-details""rtf""751""HI052302K""580""/~/media/blackanddecker/images/ideas-and-inspiration/projects/loft-bed/hi052302k.jpg?h=751&w=580""height: 751px; width: 580px;""title-trigger""project-steps__count""project-step-details""rtf""742""HI052302L""580""/~/media/blackanddecker/images/ideas-and-inspiration/projects/loft-bed/hi052302l.jpg""title-trigger""project-steps__count""project-step-details""rtf""435""HI052302M""580""/~/media/blackanddecker/images/ideas-and-inspiration/projects/loft-bed/hi052302m.jpg""title-trigger""project-steps__count""project-step-details""rtf""435""HI052302N""580""/~/media/blackanddecker/images/ideas-and-inspiration/projects/loft-bed/hi052302n.jpg""title-trigger""project-steps__count""project-step-details""rtf""744""HI052302O""580""/~/media/blackanddecker/images/ideas-and-inspiration/projects/loft-bed/hi052302o.jpg""title-trigger""project-steps__count""project-step-details""rtf""806""HI052302P""580""/~/media/blackanddecker/images/ideas-and-inspiration/projects/loft-bed/hi052302p.jpg?h=806&w=580""height: 806px; width: 580px;""col""/ideas-and-inspiration/bed-and-bath""view-all-link""link-list-callout what-you-need""grey""title""tagged-products""subtitle""product-link""Ideas and Inspiration|What You'll Need""/products/power-tools/portable-power-tools/drills/20v-max-lithium-drilldriver-with-autosense-technology/bdcde120c""/NA/product/images/250x250x72/BDCDE120C/BDCDE120C_3.jpg""Black and Decker - 20V MAX Lithium DrillDriver with AutoSense Technology - BDCDE120C""product-link""Ideas and Inspiration|What You'll Need""/products/power-tools/portable-power-tools/saws/15-amp-714-inch-circular-saw/cs1015""/NA/product/images/250x250x72/CS1015/CS1015_3.jpg""Black and Decker - 15 Amp 714 inch Circular Saw - CS1015""product-link""Ideas and Inspiration|What You'll Need""/products/power-tools/portable-power-tools/sanders/mouse-detail-sander/bdems600""/NA/product/images/250x250x72/BDEMS600/BDEMS600_1.jpg""Black and Decker - MOUSE Detail Sander - BDEMS600""product-link""Ideas and Inspiration|What You'll Need""/products/power-tools/project-solutions/workbenches/workmate-portable-project-center-and-vise/wm125""/NA/product/images/250x250x72/WM125/WM125_1.jpg""Black and Decker - Workmate Portable Project Center and Vise - WM125""product-link""Ideas and Inspiration|What You'll Need""/products/power-tools/hand-tools/lasers-and-levels/stud-sensor/sf100""/NA/product/images/250x250x72/SF100/SF100_2.jpg""Black and Decker - Stud Sensor - SF100""product-link""Ideas and Inspiration|What You'll Need""/products/batteries-and-accessories/miscellaneous/protective-equipment/adjustable-temple-safety-glasses/bd220""/NA/product/images/250x250x72/BD220/BD220_1.jpg""Black and Decker - Adjustable Temple Safety Glasses - BD220""product-link""Ideas and Inspiration|What You'll Need""/products/batteries-and-accessories/miscellaneous/protective-equipment/compact-earmuff/bd750""/NA/product/images/250x250x72/BD750/BD750_1.jpg""Black and Decker - Compact Earmuff - BD750""product-link""Ideas and Inspiration|What You'll Need""/products/batteries-and-accessories/miscellaneous/protective-equipment/microdot-gripper/bd550""/NA/product/images/250x250x72/BD550/BD550_1.jpg""Black and Decker - Microdot Gripper - BD550""link-list-callout rtf""grey""rtf-orange-title"" × 4 × 8 ft. maple plywood

    (6) 1 × 2 × 8 ft. maple

    (4) 1 × 6 × 8 ft. maple

    (3) 2 × 2 × 8 ft. pine

    Brass Screws with Grommet Washers

    Router and Bits

    Carpenter’s Square

    Build A Table For A Drill Presshow to Build A Table For A Drill Press for Shooting Board or Straightedge

    Trim Head Wood Screws

    Finishing Materials

    Pneumatic Nailer/Compressor

    Tape Measure

    Deck Screws

    Nail for 1 last update 2020/08/04 SetNail Set

    Build A Table For A Drill Presshow to Build A Table For A Drill Press for the 1 last update 2020/08/04 HammerHammer