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Happily Ever Mom

Playful Learning and Family for 1 last update 2020/07/11 FunPlayful Learning and Family Fun


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Inside this post, there are over 65 awesome cardboard box activities and crafts for kids!

Full disclosure? 

I included a few posts that use empty toilet rolls too…

I know. Toilet rolls are not technically a box, but I just couldn’t pass up sharing these awesome TP posts with you too.

In fact, that’s how this post came together.

As a busy momma myself, I love sharing fun kids activities here at Happily Ever Mom that you can do RIGHT NOW.  Without having to run to the store.

See, I’m willing to bet that…

  • You have at least one Amazon Prime box hanging around (or you will in the next 48 hours- HA).
  • And, at least one kid who will happily empty a toilet paper roll for you.


Or, is it just my kids who like to decorate the bathroom by unrolling endless amounts of toilet paper? If you’re like me then let’s take those boxes and rolls to put them to AWESOME, fun use.

To make it easy for you to find what you need, I’ve divided these posts into two major categories:

  1. howgocutudhow to howgocutud for Activities

  2. Arts/Crafts

Then, I further subdivided the posts into categories with similar themes like building, painting, etc.


Grab your cup of coffee and let’s get started with kid’s activities…

Here are the 4 subcategories to check out below under “activities”: baby/toddler, indoor, learning, and building.

Baby/Toddler Cardboard Box Activities

Fun Indoor Activities

Learning Activities with Cardboard

Building Activities

Here are the 3 categories to check out below under “crafts”: paint activities, cardboard crafts that kids can play with, and fun cardboard box crafts.

Paint Activities with Cardboard

Cardboard Crafts for Dramatic Play

*Check out both swords. Each one has a different design!

Fun Cardboard Crafts for Kids

I absolutely love this list of cardboard box activities and crafts because you can do them with your kids right now!

howgocutudhow to howgocutud for Well, unless you need a box…

In which case, you may need to click over to Amazon Prime.

Because you need a little something for yourself AND a box for your kids to play with right? 😉

the 1 last update 2020/07/11 *win/win**win/win*

Have fun!

the 1 last update 2020/07/11 ~Katie~Katie

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    1. howgocutudhow to howgocutud for Christina for 1 last update 2020/07/11 sayssays

      No doubt about it, cardboard boxes are always a hit with kids.

      In fact, my 10 year old still loves it when we get packages in the mail. Right now we have a huge submarine they constructed sitting in our basement, in which they’ve taken many a pretend trip.

      Thanks for including our castle and helmet in the line up!


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